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Q: What we do and why we do it?

We provide programs to help black girls to identify their purpose and passion in life. We teach girls to love themselves and to find the power within them to make changes for themselves and within their communities.,

Q: Q: Do we charge for our services?

Unless otherwise stated all of our programming are free; we depend on grants,donations and monetary support from individuals and corporations to ensure our programs remain free for the girls and communities that we serve,

Q: Q: Why Girls?

As girls, we sometimes reach so far for validation and approval that sometimes we end up loosing our true self by trying to live the life of someone else. Many girls today face these same problems and issues and long to have someone to share that burden with. We believe in the power that lies within girls that need to be realized. Girls are the mothers, nurturers, sisters and friends of our communities. Once they are know who they are; they ensure everyone around them taps into that potential as well.