Our Vision

Power To Girls Foundation is a not for profit organization that helps empower Afro-diaspora girls in the Greater Toronto Area and abroad. We are dedicated to providing positive mentorship, community interaction and recreational activities that inspire self-confidence, build self-esteem, friendships, nutritional health, and integrity in the hearts of all our girls. The purpose of our foundation is to help young girls discover their individual identity, and creative gifts by developing qualities that will help them become leaders and contributing members of society. Power to Girls Foundation makes learning about life challenges a fun, informative and fulfilling experience for the girls involved.

How Do We Do It?

We mentor and teach girls that they cannot love anyone else until they learn to love themselves, to nurture them into women and to prepare them for the journey ahead of them. We at Power To Girls Foundation have the ultimate mission of empowering girls to excel and to fulfill their potential.


What Makes Us Different?

We are dedicated to forming real in-depth relationships with the girls that come through our program by implementing a relationship based approach to mentoring and building mutually beneficial human connections.

We are the only organization focused on the growth and empowerment of Afro-Diasporic girls. We believe giving girls of color this platform will aid in their overall well-being and will give them an outlet to voice out issues that directly impact them.

Research indicates creating an environment that is safe and accepting allows youths to recognize their cultural strengths and differences and supports positive outcomes. We are dedicated to forming real and in-depth relationships with the girls that come through our programs through a Relationship-Based Approach to mentoring and building authentic human connections.

We believe a lack of role models and adult influences can negatively impact the self-esteem of young girls. As a result, to help curtail these issues Power to Girls Foundation was established as a solution to the need for mentorship among Afro-diasporic girls in the community and to address the challenges most girls face.”.


Our Goals?

  • To Motivate
  • To Inspire
  • To Empower
  • To nurture girls to identify their true self and tenacity to help realize their true potential.
  • To provide mentorship and resources to guide girls on their journey’s
  • To provide opportunities for girls to network and to build confidence and life skills.