Empowering women and girls raise economic productivity and reduce infant mortality. It contributes to improved health and nutrition and increases the chances of education for the next generation. That’s why we are investing in one of the most effective ways to create a global shift at the grassroots level – life skills, mentorship, pieces of training and a relationship building for girls in Ghana and surrounding areas will give them the confidence and the boldness to raise their voices and to eliminate the culture of silence that often plagues their communities. Together With your support and our programs, we will help girls to rise to their full potential as they lead their communities and countries forward.

What is our Vision for Ghana?


Our Vision for Power to Girls Ghana is to empower and to encourage Ghanaian girls and to help create spaces of empowerment that fosters growth, leadership and economic freedom. We are dedicated to providing positive mentorship, community interaction and recreational activities that inspire self-confidence, build self-esteem, friendships, nutritional health, and integrity in the hearts of all our girls. The purpose of our foundation is to help young girls discover their individual identity, and creative gifts by developing qualities that will help them become leaders and contributing members of society. Power to Girls Foundation makes learning about life challenges a fun, informative and fulfilling experience for the girls involved.


“No one is more vulnerable than an uneducated adolescent girl, living in poverty”

Our Long-Term Goal?

Our long-term goal and desire for Power To Girls Foundation are to build, maintain, and run a Power To Girls Leadership Centre and Orphanage in West Africa Ghana.This center and orphanage will provide shelter, resources, and help to the orphans in Ghana.

No one is more vulnerable than an uneducated girl living in poverty. She is at risk of dropping out of school, sexual violence, marrying young, becoming pregnant as a young teen among many barriers.




The Change Project

The Change project is an ongoing collections project where Power to Girls Foundation collects clothes, shoes, books, toys and monetary donations to support orphanages in Ghana. Pick-ups can be arranged for anyone interested in being a part of this project. All proceeds from the Change project go directly to the orphans in Ghana.

The Girls 360 Project

The Girls 360 Project is an annual program aimed at educating, mentoring, supporting and challenging teenage girls to be leaders and change-makers in their schools and communities with opportunities to get connected to other organizations in Canada. The aim of the GIRL 360 project is to ensure Ghanaian girls are empowered to dream beyond their circumstances.

“When you Educate a girl; you educate a nation”

Our Education Project

Our Education project is designed as an in-depth discussion and research on how a girls self-esteem is affected by her education or lack thereof. This project aims to explore the different barriers to education for girls living in Ghana. In this project, we will gather feedback in the form of questions and discussions to girls in public (government), private and rural schools. Throughout the course of the project, we would also speak to girls that have dropped out of school and to help them find the resources to get an education.