The Challenge

Our Outreach programs at Power To Girls are designed to reach out to the girls within the communities that our programs normally do not reach. This involves being present at community-organized events and programs to reach out to these girls. This program also includes organizing community-wide events for the benefit of the community. Our outreach strategy is also built on giving back to the communities that we operate, and this will include volunteering at different establishments and or organizations that have the ultimate mission of empowering and educating youths. At the end of every year, the team and members of Power To Girls organizes an outreach mission by putting together care packages for homeless youths in Toronto. In addition, we volunteer at a community youth shelters as a way of outreaching to the community.



  • Young people living in youth- friendly communities feel more supported, connected, engaged, valued and safe when they have access to community resources.
  • Young people living in youth-friendly communities receive the coordinated supports they need to reach their potential and contribute to society.

The Impacts

  • Gives girls the opportunity to get more involved in their communities.
  • Gives girls a chance to volunteer, gain hours and to give back to their individual communities and other communities as well.

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