How This Underwear Could Keep Young African Women in School

UNICEF estimates that one in ten school age girls in Africa do not go to school during menstruation. The World Bank says these young women are absent from school about four days every four weeks.

Magazine Good By Aarian Marshall

I'm A Girl ,I Rock

It’s been a long journey for me to reach this point in my life. I am still on my journey of discovery, yet I am grateful for the moments when I felt like giving up and the moments when I dreaded all was lost."

Olaoluwa Abagun

Female Genital Mutilation Banned In Nigeria.

Female genital mutilation or cutting (FGM/C) is the act of either partially or totally removing the external female genitalia or causing injury to the female genital organs for non-medical purposes

Kimberly Richards

Value My Virginity -Says 9 Year Old African Girl

All too often, you hear politicians and activists talking about the challenges facing young girls in the developing world.

Global Citizen-Michael Wilson

Art Students Idea To Clean Re-usable Pads

When teenage girls in Ethiopia have their periods, they wash their blood-stained rags in water from wells without using soap and hide them under their bed to wear again the next day.

Tech Insider - Shivam Saini

Acid Attack Survivors Pose As 'Calendar Girls' To Redefine Beauty

You don't see too many burns on the faces of calendar models, but that's exactly why the women featured in "Bello" are smiling big for the camera.

The Huffington Post | By Robbie Couch

Girls Getting Back To Their Roots

 Many girls grow to believe that naturally textured hair is unattractive.The Power to Girls Foundation recognized a significant shift in attitude toward natural hair. Black women were slowly becoming interested in reverting to their roots.

Casey Bradfeild

When Women Rule The Night

International Women’s is celebrated once a year on March 8 to commemorate women for being independent, strong and gaining their equality. We celebrate women for these qualities because of how they’ve been able to establish themselves as predominant people in our society.

Prescylla Veronica- Verondre

'Globalized' Beauty & African Self-Image in Short Film 'Yellow Fever'

"I am interested in the concept of skin and race, and what they imply; in the ideas and theories sown into our flesh that change with the arc of time. I believe skin and the body, are often distorted into a topographical division between reality and illusion.

By Tambay A. Obenson | Shadow and Act

Promoting Self Love and Empowering Black Women

In an effort to instil some self-love into her and tear her away from her Blackberry, I decided to buy my sister books and DVDs where black women and girls are protagonists, heroes/heroines as opposed to the magical negro.

Media Diversified- by Christina Fonthes

The Leader: Amy Hosotsuji, Grassroots Youth Collaborative

It gives often marginalized young people a place to belong and a support system they can’t find elsewhere. We’re 100 per cent youth-led — the whole reason we exist is so young people can meet other young people..

Tamara Khandaker Staff Reporter, Published on Sun May 03 2015

Women and girls forced to wed against their will

“Forced marriage is a marriage that takes place with either one or both members of the married parties, not consenting to the marriage,” said Farrah Khan, a counsellor at the Barbra Schlifer Clinic in Toronto

By Hannah James and Megan Rowney 1

Suicide is now the biggest killer of teenage girls worldwide.

 A shocking statistic has emerged, which reveals suicide has overtaken maternal mortality as the biggest killer of young women in the world.

The Telegraph May 2015

6 reasons why girls must be counted

Imagine if you didn’t exist. No birth certificate. No documents. The government doesn't even have a record that you were ever born.For most of us, this is incomprehensible. But for millions of girls around the world, this is reality

Global Citizen in support of Girl Up- May 2015